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5 Reasons to Be On Your Hoe Sh*t This Summer

Has anyone else noticed that as soon as the warm weather approaches, all of those tweets about “looking for bae” seem to disappear from your timeline? The moment the sun stays out a bit longer than we're used to, everyone pulls out their sandals and pulls out of their relationships.

And like clockwork, those men (you know exactly which ones I’m talking about) come out of the woodwork with unwarranted opinions about how this generation of women should use their bodies. From what we should wear to how we should dance, women are critiqued for trying to live their fullest and best lives. And of course, the thing they're most up in arms about, is sex. It’s time to put that boring double standard on the shelf and act up this summer, just like the City Girls said we should. Need some more convincing? Here are five reasons why you should enjoy you hoe-ing this summer.

1. You know that everyone's doing it. Now, peer pressure isn’t the way I want to convince you, but you know it’s true. You’ll hate it if all of your friends are having a Stallion summer (Big Ole Freak is our summer anthem) while you’re at home listening to Daniel Cesar, likely crying over some nonsense a man is putting you through. Unless this person has potential, cut them lose. Why miss out on the debauchery with your friends for someone you know you’re not planning on being serious with anyways? Trust me, you’re saving yourself from pain later in the game.

2. Men have been doing this. And when I say “been” I mean it in the historical context of when men would dropping women at even the suggestion of her being "impure". Men are granted a pass to live their lives as hoes, which no one criticizes them for. Then suddenly they’re in their thirties wearing sports jerseys at your auntie's barbecue and decide they want to settle down with "good" woman. Their counterparts on the other hand, are trained from birth on how to become a suitable partner. We're supposed to be looking for a husband from the time someone hands us a Barbie and Ken. Forget all that. If men are free to to try their hands at everything, so should we.

3. Exploring can open you up to a world of new opportunities. For example, when I was younger, I only allowed myself one sauce. It was blue cheese (don’t judge me). My entire life, whenever I was offered ketchup, mustard, barbecue, or any of the other wonderful assortment of sauces out there, I would decline. Until my junior year in college when a friend of mine peer pressured me into trying ranch with chicken tenders. And that single moment changed my entire life. Today, I have a new favorite sauce, but that doesn’t get in my way of wanting to try other sauces too. Now, replace the sauces with men and you get the picture.

4. Exploration, is also totally natural. Human beings are literally wired to explore (hello, we made it to the moon didn't we?) It is completely normal to seek out things outside of your comfort zone, and without it humans would still be dry humping each other in caves. We would never make progress without deciding to go down a road we hadn't tried before.

5. You just fucking want to. And honestly, that's reason enough.

So if you're on the edge about participating in some frisky behavior this summer, give this list a look, and let me know what (or who) you'll be doing this summer.

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